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Test & Measurement Equipment

OTDR, Powermeter Light Source, VFL, FiberScope, E1 Tester, Ethernet Analyzer

Fusion Splicer
& Accessories

Fusion Splicer, Cleaver, Crimp

Types of
Fiber Optic Cables

Loose Tube/Tight Buffered, ...

Types of
Pigtails & Patchcords

1/2/3/5/10/15/20m, SC/LC/FC,ST ...

Support & Update

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Be an expert with our 4 training cources

We have 2 level training sessions.
  • 1- Fiber Optics Basic & Advanced

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    Fiber Optic Essentials provides professionals and students new to the field of fiber optics with a high-level knowledge of principles, theories and applications. This primer can also be used as a succinct overview of optics for those with some engineering and physics background.


  • 2- Fiber Optic Cabling

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    If you’re company installs optical cable, you’ll need to become very familiar with the guidelines outlined in this standard. We’ll go through some of the more important sections now to bring you up to speed.

  • 3- Fiber Optic Splicing

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    Knowledge of fiber optic splicing methods is vital to any company or fiber optic technician involved in Telecommunications or LAN and networking projects. Simply put, fiber optic splicing involves joining two fiber optic cables together.


  • 4- Fiber Optic Testing & Measurement

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    This course provides knowledge about the various types of fiber optic test equipment and how they are used in testing a fiber optic link. Multiple types and levels of equipment are included.

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Network Solutions

Fiber optics is the best transmission medium for medium and low-voltage applications because it is robust and not susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances or capacity constraints.

Knowledge Zone

All thing that you want about Fiber Optics