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Fiber Optic Cabling

This four-day course has been developed with 8 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of hands-on skills exercises focused on specific fiber optic disciplines. Developed as the “next level” of training, this class teaches more advanced knowledge and skills to students that have already had formal introductory classes. Course material is predominantly based on technician fiber installation skills technology and includes content applicable for FTTx and DWDM systems.

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  • Prepare outdoor loose tube cables and indoor cables such as breakout and distribution cables
  • Perform cable blocking techniques for outdoor loose tube gel-filled cables
  • When and how to use breakout and fan-out kits
  • Perform a mid-entry on outdoor cable
  • Label cables, fiber bundles, and individual fibers
  • Dress cables into patch panels for organization and aesthetics
  • Cable Types
  • Route pigtails from splice trays into patch panels
  • Prepare cable into a splice closure, then secure, ground and label it
  • Loose tube and tight buffer
  • Choosing a Cable
  • Choosing a Connector
  • Cable Specifications
  • NEC Ratings
  • Cable Plant Hardware
  • Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding
  • Best practices for installing cables