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Fiber Optic Splicing

This four-day course has been developed with 8 hours of classroom lecture and 24 hours of hands-on labs exercises focused on specific fiber optic disciplines. Developed as the “next level” of training, this class teaches more advanced knowledge and skills to students that have already had formal introductory classes. Course material is predominantly based on technician fiber installation skills and technology, and includes content applicable for FTTx and DWDM systems.

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  • Work with various cleaving tools to find out which work best for which fiber type and why cleave quality is critical to splicing
  • Splicing set up: Learn how to organize your work area and adjust the splicer for optical, mechanical, and environmental concerns
  • How to manage your splice team – Who does what and why
  • In-line fusion splicing of standard and NZDS fibers
  • Pigtail splicing and splice tray preparation
  • Measure your splice loss using the OTDR and understand the importance of splice monitoring
  • Ribbon splicing and ribbon splice tray management
  • Learn how to adjust your cleaving tools and maintain your fusion splicer
  • Mechanical splicing for emergency restorations
  • Documentation procedures when field splicing
  • Splice multimode/single mode fiber
  • Learn industry standards and codes
  • Choosing a Splice Type
  • Cable preparation techniques
  • Mechanical splice (advantage & disadvantage)
  • Fusion splicing featuring time saving techniques
  • Splice Loss: Cause and Remedy
  • New Generation Mini Splicer (Fully Automated)
  • Profile Alignment System (PAS, LID) Splicer
  • The presses of the cleaving with lowest angle error
  • Getting familiar with auto blade rotation system in cleaving
  • Fusion splicer maintenance and cleaning
  • Understand loss budget
  • Evaluate cable types for fusion splicing
  • How to make a pigtail & patch cord in FTTx technology
  • Prepare fiber ends for fusion splicing
  • Diagnose problems