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Adaptateur à une pièce

OXIN introduces a TRUE one piece housing design for the SC/LC Adapter. Available now in both the flanged type and also the no-flange type. This TRUE one piece housing design has proven to be a more rugged design over the typical ultrasonic welded split flange type AND the “pseudo” one piece design which has an ultrasonic welded cover. The TRUE one piece housing eliminates this welded seam and results in an adapter housing that will survive side forces that will break an adapter with a welded seam type construction. The breaking strength of the TRUE one piece design also surpasses the current one piece design with the welded cover. The plastic used in the TRUE one piece design is PBT, 15% glass filler. This is different from the welded seam adapter plastic (PEI), and from the current one piece adapter (PBT, 20% glass filler). This choice in PBT material for the TRUE one piece design is the same material used for the SC/LC connector outer housings so the color of the adapter will always match the color of the SC/LC outer housing.

Features and Benefits:
  • Compact design
  • High precision alignment and High precision sleeve
  • High performance
  • Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
  • With or without flange options for installation flexibility
  • Choice of metal or plastic housing, mount styles & flange options
  • Free-hanging or panel-mount design
  • Data center
  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)
  • Test facilities and instruments
  • Central office
  • Cellular tower base station
  • Telecommunications room
  • Equipment room
  • Consolidation point
  • CATV
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Metro networks
  • Data processing networks
  • Multimedia
  • Industrial and military
Certification and Compliance:
Certificate Description
GR-326-CORE Generic Requirements for Single Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies
ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard
TIA-604 series Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard
TIA-455 series Standard Test Procedure for Fiber Optic Components
IEC 60874-1 Connectors for Optical Fibers and Cables, Generic Standard
IEC 61300 series Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components, Basic Test and Measurement Procedures
UL 94 Tests for Flammability of Plastic Material for Parts in Devices and Appliances
RoHS Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Ordering Information Description Part Number
Fiber Optic Adapter one piece OXIN-FAD-XXXXXX-1
Packaging Description
20 or 25 pcs/lot  
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Operating temperature -40 ~ +85oC
Storage temperature -40 ~ +85oC
Temperature humidity cycling 40oC , 95%, 96 Hr
Temperature cycling 40 ~ +75oC , 40 cycles
Mating durability 1000 mating cycles (cleaning every 25 matings) ≤ 0.2dB change
Damp heat 40oC at 95% RH for 96 hours ≤ 0.2 dB change
Characteristics Specification SC LC
Material Phosphor Bronze
Withdrawal Force 200gf~600gf
Insertion loss Typical 0.1 dB or better
Outer diameter 3.08 mm 1.62 mm
Inner diameter 2.48 mm 1.25 mm
Length 11.4±0.1 mm 6.8±0.1 mm
Characteristics Specification SC LC
Material Zirconia
Withdrawal Force 200gf~600gf 100gf~250gf
Insertion loss Typical 0.1 dB or better
Outer diameter 3.2±0.02 mm 1.62±0.01 mm
Inner diameter 2.49 mm 1.246 mm
Length 11.4±0.1 mm 6.8±0.1 mm

Product Datasheet (PDF)