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Aerial Figure 8 Câble fibre optique

Oxin figure of 8 aerial cable, for spans up to 70m, consists of 250µm optical fibers in gel filled loose tubes with interstitial gel. Water barrier aluminium tape or steel tape armouring options are available. Tensile strength is provided by a steel messenger wire. The cable jacket is black high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Features and Benefits:
  • Aluminium moisture barrier tape and corrugated steel tape options
  • Stranded wires as self-supporting member providing excellent strain performance and convenient installation
  • Up to 144 fibers with single or multimode options available
  • The loose tube stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess length and allow the fibers free movement in the tube, which keeps the fiber stress free while the cable is subjected to longitudinal stress
  • Suitable for installation in aerial environments for long haul communication
Aerial Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable