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Cassette MPO

MPO/MTP Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO/MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors. They are used to interconnect MPO/MTP backbones with LC or SC patching. Modular system allows for rapid deployment of high density data center infrastructure as well as improved troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds and changes. Cassettes can be mounted in 1U or 3U 19” multislot chassis. MPO/MTP Cassettes contain factory controlled and tested MPO/MTP-LC fanouts to deliver optical performance and reliability. Low loss MPO/MTP Elite and LC or SC Premium versions are offered featuring low insertion loss for demanding power budget high speed networks.

Features and Benefits:
  • MPO/MTP standard compliant Multifiber connector
  • LC (SFF data center standard), SC discrete interface
  • OS1/2, OM3, OM4 fiber grades (OM1 and OM2 available)
  • 12 and 24 fiber versions - 12 LC (Duplex) / SC (Simplex) optical parts
  • Polarity A (standard), B or C
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • High performance zirconia sleeve adapters
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Storage area network - fiber channel
  • Parallel optics
OrderingInformation Description Part Number
MPO Cassette 12 Fiber: OXIN-6880 24 Fiber: OXIN-6890
Packaging Description
Cardboard box, 1 unit per box
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Fiber OS1/OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Fiber count 12,24
Polarity A, B, C
MTP Adapters US Conec (IEC-61754 & EIA/TIA-604-5) Body Colour: Black Polarity: A/C - Keyway up - Key way down Body Colour: Grey Polarity: B - Keyway up- Keyway up
LC Adapter Body Colour: Aqua (MM)(OM3/OM4), Blue(SM/UPC), Green(SM/APC) Sleeve Material: Zirconia
Terminations MTP® Standard (12 Fiber Ferrule) MTP® Low Loss Elite (12 Fiber Ferrule) LC Standard LC Low Loss Premium
Cassette Material 16 Gauge Aluminium (15mm thickness) with a black powder coat finish (colour: RAL9004)
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Operating temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Installation temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Weight 0.55kg

Product Datasheet (PDF)