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Analyseur de transmission de SDH/PDH SPA-200

SPA-200 is an advanced and convenient SDH and PDH transmission analyzer, satisfying all PDH interfaces and STM-1(155M), STM-4(622M), STM-16(2.5G) to stop business and test online. SPA-200 has unity function, convenient operation and good expansibility which satisfy the requirement of SDH/PDH transport network and access network installation and maintenance testing. The products satisfy optical fiber installation, maintenance and other testing of SDH ring network, linear triangulation network and star network, which is widely used by operators in private network and other SDH/PDH systems opening and maintenance testing.

Features and Benefits:
  • Embedded operation system, 10.4" TFT LCD, graphic user interface, touch screen and touch pen operation, practical function, easy and convenient operation, operation efficiency is 5 times of similar products
  • Widely used by operators in private network, SDH/PDH systems' opening and maintenance testing
  • STM-1(155M), STM-4(622M), STM-16(2.5G) online and offline test
  • Multiple tasks can be created and deleted dynamically and freely
  • Mass data storage for BER and alarming event records, events can be displayed in tables or graphics with filtering
  • Test records may be saved as HTML or PDF format, and transferred to PC via USB
  • Different simulated indicators for current and history alarm and error status
  • External clock Tx & Rx interfaces the outputting internal clock and external clock can adjust the frequency offset singly
  • Simulated indicators for current and history alarm and error status, various information display, indicator quantity and type can be automatically set based on test signal and interface setting
  • Built-in USB printer support
  • Out-of-service testing: remote loopback testing or using two analyzers to perform end-to-end testing
  • Online testing: Testing trough optical splitters or across the high resistance
Ordering Information Description Part Number
SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer SPA-200
Packaging Description
Cardboard box, 1 unit per box
General Characteristics Parameter Value
Display TFT true color, 640x480
Operation mode Touch screen, keyboard
Interfaces RJ45 port, USB port, DC power
Data storage 1G  
Battery Li-ion battery
Operation time 3 hours
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Dimensions 290 mm x 210 mm x 60 mm
Weight 2.2 Kg
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Operation temperature -10 ~ 50oC
Storage temperature -20 ~ 70oC
Operation humidity 10 ~ 90 %
Storage humidity 5 ~ 95 %

Product Datasheet (PDF)