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Atténuateur à Fibre Optique Fixe

Oxin Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators are built with metal-ion doped optical fiber and are designed to provide consistent attenuation levels as well as maintaining polarization characteristics. Typical application for a fixed fiber optic attenuator optical pad attenuator is to reduce the amount of optical power by a specific amount as to not saturate a receiver which can limit a system’s performance. They also can be used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors in test and measurement applications.

Features and Benefits:
  • Low back reflection, insertion loss
  • Low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
  • Environmentally stable
  • Contaminant and scratch free ferrule
  • Multimode attenuators available upon request
  • Available attenuation from 1 dB to 30 dB
  • 100% tested in factory
  • Manufactured with metal-ion doped optical fiber
  • Receiver padding
  • CATV, LAN, telecommunications
  • Test and instrument
  • Optical power equalization
  • WDM and DWDM systems channel balancing
  • Optical transmission systems
Certification and Compliance:
Certificate Description
GR-326-CORE Generic Requirements for Single Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies
GR-910-CORE Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Attenuators
GR-63-CORE Network Equipment – Building System Generic Requirements: Physical Protection
ASTM B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus
TIA-604 series Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard
TIA-455 series Standard Test Procedure for Fiber Optic Components
IEC 60874-1 Connectors for Optical Fibers and Cables, Generic Standard
IEC 61300 series Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components, Basic Test and Measurement Procedures
UL 94 Tests for Flammability of Plastic Material for Parts in Devices and Appliances
RoHS Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Ordering Information Description Part Number
Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator OXIN-FAT-XXXXXX-XX
Packaging Description
Clear poly bag, 1unit per bag
Optical Performance Parameter Value
Operating band pass 1250 nm ~ 1625 nm
Center wavelength 1310 nm and 1550 nm
Attenuation tolerance 1 ~ 10 dB : ±0.5 dB 11 ~ 15 dB : ±5% of the nominal value
Return loss UPC ≤-55 dB
Return loss APC ≤-65 dB
PDL ≤0.1 dB
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Fiber material Metal-ion doped optical fiber
Plastic material UL 94V-0 ABS high-impact thermoplastic
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Operating temperature -40 ~ 75°C
Storage temperature -40 ~ 75°C

Product Datasheet (PDF)